Creativity is Life.  
Rachel Alvia is a highly talented designer with skills and expertise in several areas.  Rachel’s superpower is her ability in taking ideas and inspirations to create artistic illustrations and then creating the technical specifications ready for production. Overall, she excels using her talent to delivering creative design and technical file specifications for small-batch or mass-manufacturing in multiple areas of product design.
She has unique talent for three-dimensional creativity and thought processing, which gives her a deep understanding and imagination for bringing 3-D products to life.  Her specialties include sewn soft goods products, 3-D structure kits made of foam and other flat materials, die struck and cast metals in the application of jewelry, soft rubber, silicon and fashion and apparel design.  She also has an extensive skill set in illustration, graphic design, and fine art.
Rachel was educated at The Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago and holds her BFA in Fashion Design.   Upon graduating she worked as a product designer for doll clothing and craft kits for children and adults.  She also worked as a designer of metal, soft rubber and sewn products for a promotional products and jewelry company.  She also created and ran a company that she co-owned with her husband and business partner for 13 years.  The business specialized in custom wedding gowns and formal dresses for local clients and clients all over the world.  She was the lead designer and creative director for their business venture, and gained extensive experience managing a full workload, a team, and overseas manufacturing.  Rachel has been a freelance designer since 2011 and takes a wide variety of projects from corporate and private clients for product design and illustration.  
She was born into a highly creative family.  Her mother, a highly talented watercolor and colored pencil artist, ran two different creative businesses while Rachel was young.  Rachel grew up watching her create beautiful cakes, and amazing jewelry.  Her father, a custom home builder, is incredibly talented in-home design and woodworking.  Rachel learned a great deal about entrepreneurship and creative businesses from her Mother and Father.  She also has an older sister who is an amazing ceramicist that holds her BA in Fine Arts.
In her free time, she enjoys mountain biking, puzzles, podcasts, Star Trek, and spending time with her husband, family and seven nieces and nephews.

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