I have done several freelance projects for Darice since 2011, and these projects are my favorite to work on.   I enjoy the challenge of creating the 3-D structures from flat materials. The projects I primarily have worked on are 3-D foam structures and building kits.  
The team at Darice usually provides me with a rough pencil sketch or inspiration images for the structure , and a style guide to follow for the characters, theme and colors.  I then imagine the 3-D structure in my head and how it would puzzle together.  I then translate it to flat die-lines in illustrator without having any physical materials in front of me, I just have a way of figuring it out in my head right onto the computer screen.  This allows me to work at a productive pace while maintaining accuracy.  I then do a 3-D rendering in Illustrator and send it for approval.  Once the design is approved, I also sometimes create the technical specifications for the factory, and product assembly directions for the consumer.
These kits are sold in major retailers including Michael's, Target and others.
All Products and Images on this page are the property of Darice, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 
The project I am most proud of that I designed for Darice was the 2015 Christmas train structure.  I also came up with the locking tab design on this project so that no glue would be needed to hold the structure together.  The wheels function so that the child can actually play with the train after they create it.  I was told that this was the #2 best seller in the Michael's Christmas set for 2015, and the design has been recolored and re-sold for following years.  I worked on the recolored version for the 2016 version as well.
My 3-D computer rendering of the original design
An early in-house prototype of the first two cars on the train design is shown to the left.  The final product in packaging at Michael's is shown on right.
The re-styled and colored version for the 2016 set.  
The final 2016 product in packaging at Michael's.
I have done several other products for Darice, below are just some of the renderings and final packaging photos from a variety of structures I designed.
Below is also an example of the word free instructions for assembly that I created for one of these kits.  I was limited to only a few steps and a small area on the packaging to show the assembly directions.
All Products and Images on this page are the property of Darice, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 
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