Beautiful and Colorful 3D Soft Rubber lanyard designed for an organization that encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables.

During Rachel's time at BizPins she has the opportunity to design and work on a number of soft rubber and silicon items.  She is knowledgeable in both flat 2-D, layered 2-D and 3D Rounded design.  

Luggage tags designed for a rail line.  Translating train cars into detailed soft rubber.

Bag Tags and Key Chains with Client's logos translated into soft rubber for mass production.

From Left: Image 1:  In an era when apple style ear bugs were popular, Rachel worked with the manufacturing team to develop a new product in soft rubber that could be customized for each client and added to apple ear buds.  Image 2:  Rachel designed many silicon bracelets, and iPod sleeves.  This process is similar to soft rubber design.  Image 3: Soft Rubber Key cover that Rachel worked with the manufacturing team to design.  The back could be screen printed with any client's logo.

A fun retro bottle opener.  Translating the client's art into a soft rubber design.

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