Cast Charms designed by Rachel for manufacturing and mass production.  They are used in component jewelry, which is also her design work.

During Rachel's time at BizPins International and Eevah Jewelry, she gained a great deal of experience and proficiency in designing concept and technical specifications for the manufacturing of jewelry and promotional items.  She has a broad understanding and technical aptitude for working with die struck metal, cast metal and etched processes, as well as soft enamels and hard enamel cloisonne.  She also has knowledge for choosing base metals, platings and sandblasting and finishing techniques appropriate for each technical application.  In addition, she also worked on component jewelry.  
All work shown below on this page is the product of Rachel's design and technical direction.

On left, Cast Flower Charms designed by Rachel, used in component jewelry with natural stones also of Rachel's design.  On right, a natural stone necklace designed by Rachel.

Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings from the Savannah Collection.  Charms and Large Chain Links are all designed by Rachel, all other parts are component jewelry.  Overall design by Rachel as well.

Earthy Silk Cord Necklace with flat coin style charms for embellishment and matching earrings.

Component jewelry collection designed by Rachel with customizable laser engraved teardrop charms.

Unique Nest design, promoted to Mothers.  Includes several flat charms that can be customized with your children's names.

Various Component Jewelry designed by Rachel.

Component Jewelry collection Designed by Rachel.

Leaf components on left and custom laser engraved leaf charms on right are designed by Rachel, all other elements are component jewelry.  Overall design by Rachel as well.

Leaf Charms are designed by Rachel and all other elements are component.  Overall design by Rachel.

Two images on left are gold and pearl component jewelry, and the image on right is a unique ribbon necklace designed by Rachel.

During Rachel's time at BizPins, she also designed collections of promotional jewelry which company's would use as a give away or promotional item.  Rachel created items with an upscale feel for a promotional product.

Breast Cancer Awareness charm bracelet.  All charms are Rachel's design.

From Left: Image 1: Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry made from components and a ribbon charm designed by Rachel.  Image 2: 3D  3-charm necklace design by Rachel.  Image 3: Breast Cancer Marathon promotional necklace.  A 3D cast running shoe with the pink ribbon design.

A unique charm bracelet for a client using their logos and artwork.  The art was converted into 3 dimensional charms and die-struck charms with enamel fills.

A unique 3D cast pizza slice necklace with gemstones for a local pizza company.

A clean and simple dog tag style necklace design by Rachel for a popular band's tour.

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